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March 20, 2010

Caprivi from time immemorial had been a country on its own. Dating back from the 1800s the country was colonized by the British, the Germans, the South African Apartheid regime, and now the Namibian SWAPO regime. We should take note of the fact that this country was once ruled or administered directly from Pretoria as a Caprivi territory and not part of South West Africa. We should also understand that prior to being administered in Pretoria, Caprivi while under the British was exchanged with Helgoland (Zanzibar) because the Germans wanted access to the Zambezi River, and was then not part of Namibia. Botswana like Namibia today was once ruled together with the Caprivi during the British Bechuanaland Protectorate. Our grand fathers and even fathers used to pay their levy taxes at Kasane and until now they still have those papers (situpa). But Botswana never claimed Caprivi to be their territory. It is a well known fact that Caprivi used to change administrations every after ten years and no any other territory in Namibia had undergone such metamorphosis. Of recent in the seventies to the eighties Caprivi administered itself as a homeland like those in South Africa, and the first Chief Minister was Chief Moraliswani and later Chief Richard Muhinda Mamili. It was during this time when Caprivi had its National Anthem, Flag, etc.

Before the seventies, it is of paramount importance to note that Messer’s. Muyongo, Liseli Mamili and Mubuyaeta were schooling in Mafikeng, where they were politically influenced by the ANC politics, and precisely it was in 1961. Coming back home on holidays, they started selling the idea of an independent Caprivi which saw the birth of a new baby Caprivi African National Union (CANU). Because Mr. Muyongo was still a student at that time they elected Mr. Simbwae as the first CANU president and MR. Muyongo as vice president. CANU under Mr. Simbwae saw the party president leaving the Caprivi into Zambia to print party cards and while in Lusaka he met with Mr.Sam Nujoma. Coming back to the Caprivi Mr. Simbwae was arrested and later in the years killed by the South African Apartheid regime. See also the resume’ of political events on

It is equally important to mention here that Mr. Muyongo and others left the country to his first exile in 1964, and while in Zambia he met with Mr. Sam Nujoma. It was Mr. Nujoma who introduced the issue of a merger between CANU and OPO. After some time Mr. Muyongo agreed and the merger was signed in Lusaka, Zambia in 1964. This being said we want everyone to know that in Mr. Sam Nujoma’s autobiography; “where others wavered”. On page 136, his life story came to touch on CANU and OPO’s merger, and we quote: “the struggle in the then northern Rhodesia led by UNIP inspired the Caprivians to form their own party, since they had no contact with Windhoek. After meeting in Lusaka, Comrade Simbwae went back to Caprivi Strip to launch CANU. At the launching in 1964, comrade Simbwae was elected President, Albert Mishake Muyongo as Vice President, and Crispin Mulonda as Secretary General. Immediately after the launching, comrade Simbwae was arrested and Muyongo, Mulonda and Joseph Nawa escaped to Zambia where I had a meeting with them. In fact, I repeated my proposal for uniting the two parties, and we finally formalized the merger of SWAPO and CANU under SWAPO. Muyongo became the acting Vice President of SWAPO since Simbwae was still under arrest inside the country”. End of quote. This merger was not left without conditions, and hereunder follows the conditions:

A. To fight for the independence of South West Africa and Caprivi to remove the Colonial apartheid regime that was administering both countries.
B. For the people of Caprivi at the attainment of independence to be allowed to decide whether they join Namibia or remain independent.

Given the above facts, it’s not only true but plausible to say that the merger was there and still exists until Caprivians are asked whether or not they want to join Namibia. The two signatories to the merger are still alive and the world needs to question them. It is also common knowledge that Mr. Nujoma did not want the Caprivi but only as a spring boat to Namibia, and Caprivi was the only route to Namibia by then (1964). After Angola attained independence in 1975 everything in SWAPO changed as he transferred to Angola from Zambia.

Back to the issue of CANU, people should know that Muyongo is CANU, CANU is Muyongo. The United Democratic Party (UDP) took the aims and objectives of CANU, and one of which is to fight for the liberation of the Caprivi. It is also important for the people of the Caprivi to follow up the question of the merger because the incumbent President in Namibia today Mr. Pohamba when he was asked by journalists in 1998 he said and we quote: “the merger between SWAPO and CANU was signed in Lusaka, Zambia. Our copy burned during the war in Kasinga, and Mr. Muyongo was clever that he kept his copy”. End of quote.

For the people of the Caprivi, we should know that if one does not like you he can destroy you in one way or another. The Caprivi economically could depend on its fauna and flora in terms of tourism. Back in 1998 the former president Mr. Sam Nujoma came to Caprivi just for and to conduct a shooting spree that he nearly got injured by a buffalo. He never performs such activities in Etosha or elsewhere in Namibia. Today the regime has shifted the border of the Caprivi from Mukuvi to Kongola. The reason they did so is to temporarily extract diamonds and transfer all the animals in Western Caprivi to Etosha.

The redemercation of constituencies in the Caprivi is done in the name of politics. They knew that Caprivi was and is hard to win. They pulled Ngoma into Katima constituency. Now Kabbe constituency has been extended up to Mahohoma, a place near Katima Mulilo. This is pathetically bad and it is up to you sons and daughters of the soil to say no to these injuries. They should go and play such political strategies in Ovamboland and not the Caprivi. Do not allow them, there is a way and you can do it. We have always found courage that comes from remembering that we fight for something and someone beyond ourselves. It comes from our belief (faith), and it comes from our commitment to those we love. So countrymen take a moment to remember those who inspire you, those who give you the strength to march on, rain or sunshine.

In the other part of the Caprivi they introduced an oil plantation project in the area between Sachinga and Linyanti. This will cause deforestation just like in Ovamboland where they chopped down trees to build kraals around their huts. This project if realized could have an adverse effect on the weather in the Caprivi. We depend on those trees for most of our rainfall comes through transpiration from those trees. If the project was for true development, you could have asked for other areas that are bare to have your oil plantation project.

In our previous report we spoke of Caprivi General Hospital being degraded to a level of a clinic. We also have just learnt that people are now being referred to get x-rays at Yeta Hospital in Zambia. Most of the sick and injured are referred to Rundu five hundred kilometers away from Katima Mulilo. This is not only serious but fatally dangerous. How do doctors get their prognosis and later diagnoses of ailments? Things have gone from bad to worse, and it is a calculated move to make sure that all Caprivians perishes so that in turn they take over the country. From the frying pan into the fire, the SWAPO regime has paralyzed the Caprivi such that we do not even know whether we are pinned on the wall or drugged into the mud.

They strategically started and install division among ourselves such that we forgot our origin that we are one people; Mafwe, Masubia, Mayeyi, Mambukushu, Matotela, Makwengo, etc, with a strong tradition and culture. Let us not allow them to infiltrate, divide, and decide for us any further. We can say no to all this, together we stand, and divided we fall. Let us focus and think about the future of our children and their children’s children. Let us search and find solace during these difficult times to what we believe in, so that we may be able to fight and conquer our enemies. Where are we going to leave our children? Are we going to turn the other cheek when beaten on another? Just like mulch, SWAPO came in the Caprivi slowly but surely when we will realize they are all over. Let us eradicate or prune that mulch for good before it destroys our country and its resources that we love so much.

For those who were not born or were young when all these started, learn from the words of wisdom as it will guide you attaining your goal of reaching utopia (perfect country of happiness and good life). Ask your parents they know the history of Caprivi and you will be amazed how rich that is. Today we are being discriminated from left to right but if together we work hard to achieve and attain independence then everything will work out for the better. Let us not look back but focus, and push them out of our country. In politics nothing happens by accident. If it happens you can bet it was planned that way.


Chrispin Mutoiwa

UDP Secretary for Information


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