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The 2nd August a day to remember
August 2, 2009
The 2nd August a day to remember

For the sake of the Caprivi now and the generation to come, let us always remember that the struggle for the liberation of the Caprivi is, has been and will be very brutal. Many Caprivians have lost their lives and many more still continue to lose their lives in order to liberate the Caprivi and its people from the current colonial Namibia regime of occupation, oppression and destruction.

We have many of our colleagues in prison in Namibia since the 2nd August 1999 without trial. In prison they face daily threats of torture, killings by shooting and food poisoning. Many have died whilst in prison – we mourn them, and we promise that we shall never forget and that the struggle will continue, until every inch of the Caprivi is liberated by the Caprivians.

We have many Caprivians in exile in Africa, Europe and America who continue to inform the outside world about the suffering of the Caprivians. We have been informed that the illegal regime of Namibia is settling foreigners from Zimbabwe and Angola in the Caprivi, any Caprivian who refuses to vacate his or her land is removed by force. Land is everything to a Caprivian our struggle is about our land that is occupied by force. On the Caprivi land we build homes and have a place for our animals like cattle, goats, sheep etc, we grow crops that gives us food that we eat and sale to educate our children and provide the people with some income.

The small infrastructure of the Caprivi that existed before and during the colonial era of the then racist regime of South Africa had been totally destroyed by the occupation regime of Namibia.

The health system had been done away with, and the main hospital at Katima Mulilo is now a clinic. All the activities that used to take place at the hospital such as nurse training and other healthy supporting activities have been stopped by the regime.

There are no motor-driven vehicles that serve as ambulances save for two wheeled pushbikes. The level of destruction both to the people and the Country is unseen in this modern time; it is barbaric, inhuman and satanic. We are of the opinion that the longer it takes the colonial occupation of the Caprivi by the illegal and brute-force regime of Namibia; it will be very difficult to find a sane and living Caprivian.

The human killing that is done by the swapo illegal regime of Namibia in the Caprivi makes the brutality of former dictator of Uganda IdI Dada Amin a child’s play.

There are so many people missing and continue to be missed by their loved ones. There is nowhere to report the missing; anyone who chooses to report to the so-called authorities will miss as well. The Namibian regime has made the Caprivi the earthily hell, where the people are physically and mentally tortured and eventually killed.

Education in the Caprivi has been totally destroyed to the point that students have no learning materials and teachers are demoralized and have also no teaching materials and the vision for the future is blink.

We have very disturbing information that the Namibia illegal regime has altered the boundary of the Caprivi and Namibia. The area in the Caprivi that has mineral deposits like diamonds, gold and other precious minerals has been designated as part of Namibia. It is now common knowledge that the diamond deposits of Namibia are next to zero, the diamonds have been stolen dry.

The diamonds of the Caprivi are now filling the pockets of the corrupt government leaders of Namibia. We say to the world be on the lookout it is stolen and bloody diamonds from the Caprivi that Namibia is selling today.

Countryman and women of the Caprivi the snake is in our backyards, it is destroying our culture, language, land and above all human being of the Caprivi. Caprivians you are proud of being Caprivians and hard working and you know how you were able to keep invaders at bay during those old tribal wars.

You do not need a spear to remove the snake all we need is unity to get rid of the dangerous snake now in our midst, if you do not remove it quickly it will soon be the Caprivian and you will be the foreigner and refugee in your motherland.

The 2nd August is very important because it is a day to remember now and in future, and can remove the snake from the Caprivi permanently.

Caprivi shall be free!!!! Forward ever backward never!!

Mishake Muyongo

President of (UDP) United Democratic Party –
(the voice for the total freedom of the Caprivi Strip).


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