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May 18, 2009

Following the recent report made by the Namibian High Commissioner to Botswana Ė Hidino Hishongwa ďthat the Caprivians in exile are suffering, dying, starving and for these above reason they want to return back homeĒ.

First and foremost the leadership of United Democratic Party {U.D.P} did its best to try and find a political platform to address the issue of Caprivi with the government of Namibia through the office of the president in Botswana. Of recent the matter was discussed with the former High Commissioner Ms Samaria who promised to take it up to her government. She did that, unfortunately she was harshly dealt with by the president of Namibia for collaborating with the leadership of U.D.P.

Upon his appointment, the present High Commissioner - Honorable Hidino Hishongwa rest assured his government that, this time around he will make sure all the Caprivians in Botswana are brought back home. On his arrival to Botswana, High Commissioner Hidino Hishongwa refused to meet our leadership and it is to this that, he turned down three consecutive appointments that were tabled to his office.

On the 13th May 2008 the tripartite commission scheduled a meeting to talk to the Caprivians in exile with the aim of persuading and influencing them to go back home through voluntary repatriation. Unfortunately, things worked the other way round as for all Caprivians, refused to meet his delegation including the regional governor Ė Mr. Leonard Mwilima and his ally Mr. cletius Sipapela

After this disappointment, the High Commissioner and his henchmen or allies resorted to a weak strategy of trying to force or campaign parents whose sons and daughters are in exile on the ground that, they are suffering and therefore a joint delegation has been formed comprising of parents, Indunas and other honorable government officials to prepare for a potential trip to Botswana aimed at meeting and talking to their fellow Caprivians to return back home.

Citing on the three concepts of dying, starving and suffering, it should be mentioned here that, it is shameful for Hon. Hidino Hishongwa to fabricate false and unfounded statements just to satisfy his government and supporters. The truth of the matter is that, the High Commissioner did not meet even one member of the U.D.P. in exile or Botswana. Of course yes we cannot deny that we are not dying, naturally we are human beings like any persons and even at home people are dying on a daily basis.

In any normal struggle for freedom, sufferings, starvation, and dying are part of the struggle. To refute clearly on the statement made by Hon. High Commissioner Hidino Hishongwa, since our arrival in Botswana, none of the Caprivians in exile have so far died of hunger. We hate narrow minded politicians with chicken brains. It should be mentioned here that, we have or owe high respect to the royal blooded chiefs who have the mandate of their subjects particularly those elected by their people and not appointed by SWAPO regime whose task is to cause havoc and chaos to their children.

From our point of view, a traditional chief is well respected figure as far as our culture is concerned. He is also known to be a shield of his people and not a terminator or a predator. A real chief cannot drift or involve him self in sinful games of this nature. Therefore our request goes to respective chiefs, Induna Silalo, parents not to allow themselves to be indoctrinated with political virus of turning against their fellow people. It should be borne in mind that you are Caprivians period. Come, less join hands in fighting for our freedom.

Be informed that Caprivians in exile are not prepared to see or meet anyone from home to come and interfere with our struggle. During the struggle for the independence of Namibia, no parents followed their families in exile to go and bring them back home.

The government of Namibia is keeping hundreds of Caprivians languishing in their prisons and a lot more have been poisoned and discriminately slaughtered by SWAPO regime. If they are damn serious or concerned about the development of all the Caprivians, why donít they call for a UN supervised referundum to test the minds of the people? Our colleagues are in prisons, why are they not talking about their release? We are very much aware of the fact that the Namibian government is being pressurised about the political scenario in the Caprivi.

We still have a lot of day dreamers who perceive Caprivi is part of Namibia, which is null and void. All we know, it was forcefully made part of Namibia from 1999 when we were already in exile. Namibian government, get this clear and strait forward, do you know that, not even a well crafted or skillful thief can attempt to break into the house when the owner is looking at him or her? Caprivi is for Caprivians, please take note of that.

As far as we are concerned, we donít need historians or philosophers to teach us about our history. Caprivians are historians by nature.

Ironically speaking the South African minority regime wanted Caprivi to be part of Namibia. In 1939 after it was suggested by the Union of South West Africa that Caprivi be made part South West Africa, the administration of South West Africa literally wrote a letter in which they rejected the idea of including Caprivi to the abovementioned country.

In this letter three reasons were mentioned as the cause of their rejection;

Firstly, was the geographical position of Caprivi that made it impossible for the area to be part of South West Africa.

Secondly was that, the distance from Windhoek to Caprivi was too long.

Thirdly, that Caprivi was too remote. These above reasons as far as we are concerned still hold to this day.

Dear Induna Silalo and respected parents you deserve our honor, therefore donít demean or degrade and allow yourselves to be used by your oppressors. There is totally nothing that we share in common with those people {Namibians}. Caprivi is a country and an entity on its own. Above all, the government of Namibia must not take advantage of your ignorance by enticing you with money so that you turn against your own sons and daughters of the soil. We are here for you and you are there for us. We strong emphasis, please underlines that, none of us here in Botswana is willing to come and meet you, that will be a very serious disappointment. We would like to put it categorically clear that, for us we strongly believe that in any struggle you have to suffer, toil, and loss of lives is not an exception. When we came into exile, we knew that we were to face the calamities and catastrophes of life. Therefore dying in line of duty is not the issue right now.

The High Commissioner of Namibia went to an extent of exaggerating and blowing the information out of proportion. Certainly yes, we donít need you in the refugee camp, and of your caliber we did not expect you to cook and fabricate groundless stories. Nevertheless, those are typical characteristics of SWAPO leadership. The good news is that, we are very much well as far as the life of struggle is concerned.

The familiar example at hand is about the struggle of SWAPO. How many people died during the Kasinga attack including those at the battle field? Nowadays fighting for a liberation struggle does not necessarily mean you have to carry an R.P.G.7. Moreover, there are many ways of killing a cat. In our struggle, we are determined and have accepted to endure all the hardships in our way and we shall not flatter neither be deterred by our opponents. ďForward ever backward neverĒ.

To the governor Mr. Leonard Mwilima and your acquaintance Cletius Sipapela, itís a shame to you and your thoughts. Stop that satanic behavior you are playing around to our parents. In strong terms, we would like to kindly advice you to stop all those monkey tricks you are doing, be very careful the government is misleading you. We expect you to play your cards very clean. Remember, he who touches shit suffers from the smell.

We donít think you will go to Ovamboland once Caprivi is independent, therefore, donít dig your own graves. You donít sound to be sitting on the horns of a dilemma.

Most of you guys think that Caprivi will not be free. We are closely moving towards freedom if you donít know Ė take note of that.

Messrs Mwilima and Sipapela you were among the delegation to Botswana that aimed at mobilising Caprivians to return home. You turned yourselves to be good instruments of SWAPO government in order to serve your positions. We are confidently aware that since your appointment, your position has been protested by SWAPO politburo, for the reason that you are too young to keep top secrets for the government.

Secondly, you are all mafwes and U.D.P. supporters. And there is no truth than that. That is why SWAPO preferred your predecessor. Your position is a hot potato and it is believed and understood that you are warming the chair for someone.

Let us call a spade a spade; the two of you {Mr. Mwilima and Mr. Sipapela} have been our source of information. No wader why SWAPO nowadays do not trust you. What do you know about the struggle? We knew that you are political robots in search of greener pastures. If your promotions and increment of your salaries depend on our return, then your lives could be on knife edge.

The Namibian government has decided to vandalise the natural resources of Caprivi. It has recently appeared in the media {the Caprivi vision newspaper published on the 20th March - 02nd April 2009} that, they have sold 300 000 hectares of Caprivi for bio-fuel production.

We seriously endorse our total rejection to the move on the ground that, so many projects has failed to deliver their effective and efficient promises. And for sure, SWAPO government will never allow any productive company to Caprivi. Always such companies are referred to Ovamboland to boost and provide employment for its people.

The government of Namibia is trying to use the opposition parties and political leaders as scape goats for failed projects in Caprivi.

The Egyptian company that was known as Pidico was not sidelined by anybody instead the owner was being wanted and the project remained a white elephant.

Countrymen, Induna Silalo and tribal leaders, the plundering of our natural resources in the Caprivi and the depletion of it can lead to a total destruction of the Caprivianís lives. Did we imagined and asked ourselves of where our livestockís grazing areas will be by then?

We are blessed that, what was countered to be a remote area today is seen as a basket of life. This does not signify that, as Caprivians; - sons and daughters of the soil we donít know how rich or prolific our motherland is.

We are also aware that our wild species for example Impalas, buffaloes, rhinoceros and many more are being taken out of Caprivi to Namibia to boost their game parks and zoos.

The Republic of Namibia considered Caprivi to be useless in terms of its natural resources, today the t government is coming up with the truth which they denied in the first instance, by saying that, ďthere is nothing so special in CapriviĒ. This was said by the former president Mr. Sam Nujoma in his presidential visit to Botswana in 1999.

Fellow countrymen, where is your 300 000 hectares going, what are you going to profit out of it? Itís only for the betterment and self- enrichment of the perpetrators. Always remain vigilant, you are creating job opportunities for the Namibians if at all cleaners are still coming from Ovamboland. What then can stop them from recruiting their own people?

Take care of the so-called shareholders who are ruthlessly campaigning for the company. They may be your children but, be cautious that these shareholders are pulling toward a personal gain and not public development as they sing their chorus. These inter alia include the following; Messrs: Leonard Mwilima, Cletius Sipapela, Felix Mukupi, Leonard Mutelo, Barnard Mutelo, Innocent Mahoto and the traditional chiefs. Donít allow companies that have failed in other countries. Caprivi is not a testing ground.

Lastly, we would like to remind the government of Namibia that, we strongly remain adamant on our position that, a merger was signed on the 5th of November 1964 with conditions.

1. CANU and OPO to join forces to fight the common enemy{ South Africa minority regime}

2. Upon attainment of independence, Caprivians shall be consulted whether to remain on their own or join the rest of Namibia. unfortunately, the Caprivians were not afforded the opportunity Ė why?

In conclusion we would like to summarise and emphasise the following points:

1. We need an open and transparent dialogue that will bring a durable and lasing solution to the plight of Caprivians.

2. Sending parents to Botswana will not yield any tangible result to the long delayed problem or issue of Caprivi.

3. Before talking to the Caprivians in Botswana, release all our fellow colleagues languishing in your notorious prisons to demonstrate to us that you really want dialogue.

4. Campaigning for us to come back is not a viable solution to the independence of Caprivi.

5. We are appealing to the international organizations particularly, SADC countries to assist us in our quest for freedom.

6. The struggle for freedom of Caprivi should not be referred and accepted as a domestic issue because Namibia has turned a blind eye on the issue for more than a decade.

We therefore call upon all the Caprivians wherever you are to stand up and fight this black oppression and donít entertain any cheap politics.

Together we stand divided we fall

Viva - President Muyongo

Viva - U.D.P



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