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December 31, 2008

This year the New Year wishes to the people of the Caprivi (Zipfel) strip shall try to remind everyone at home, in exile and elsewhere of the destruction the Namibian occupation regime has done so far.

1. We find ourselves in exile and in prison in foreign lands because the people of the Caprivi through their vanguard organization, the United Democratic Party (UDP) said enough was enough- the occupation, the killing, torture and the total destruction of everything the Caprivians have.

The occupation regime through its armed trigger-happy forces began to dig dungeons in the Caprivi, where a number of Caprivians were kept and buried from1990 to date. The killing is continuing and the evil forces of Zimbabwe and Angola are operating together in the Caprivi against the people of the Caprivi. These evil and devilish threesome forces are based at Buffalo and Omega bases in the western part of the Caprivi.

The same forces are involved in the killing of animals, more so the elephants and the Rhinos, and the smuggling of ivory and Rhino horns by the Namibian authority. The occupying regime of Namibia has managed to know the wealth of the Caprivi, like the ivory will be stolen dry by the regime�s leaders. However, the people should not forget that it were Namibia, Zimbabwe and Angola that went to Kabila of the DRC with the offer to help only if he gave each leader a diamond mine. Now that the diamonds places of the Caprivi are known by these threesome forces of fortune, the Caprivi will be plundered for its wealth and the people slaughtered.

We appeal to the international community to reject the credentials of Namibia as democratic state it is but a democratic state by word and totalitarian regime in deeds and actions. The people of the Caprivi shall be free and independent. To stand up and say we want to be free, and that we are not Namibians, and have never been is not a crime but a basic human right.

The borders of the Caprivi with Namibia has been altered to include the part of the Caprivi where the recent find of diamonds is, as part of Namibia � to give the occupying forces and leaders the free hand to steal and smuggle the diamonds of the Caprivi.
We call upon the international community to reject the smuggled and stolen diamonds from Caprivi, are or will be sold as Namibian germs.

Let us walk briefly through memory lane:

(a) When in 1990 the current occupying regime came to power � it immediately focused on the destruction of the small but effective infrastructure that was in the Caprivi.

(b) Training institutions like teachers and nursing closed or stopped and transferred to Namibia.

(c) Agricultural Institution like (Breeding scheme to bulls) stopped and transferred to Namibia

2. Plaughing services stopped

3. Health � rural clinics closed no supply of medicine and nurses.
The Hospital in Katima Mulilo- rundown to the point that it is now a district clinic, there are no doctors and medicine. Vehicles like ambulances transferred to Namibia and �bicycle ambulances� for the Caprivi.

4. Land grab from the Caprivi citizens is now in full force � the whole country of the Caprivi is receiving the worst destruction ever seen anywhere but during Hitler�s time.

5. Now, with the diamonds of Namibia stolen dry by the regime�s leaders and that Zimbabwe is but by name and in dire need of money, these political vultures will strip the Caprivi dry and send the wealth of Caprivi into mass graves.

6. It is in this type of political climate and situation that the people of the Caprivi should be very careful as they associate and work for or with the occupying regime. To aid or give a hand to an oppressor or a killer or occupier by force can stain your hands too.

The occupying regime�s leaders stand accursed of mass murder of Caprivians and now will be accursed of destroying the social welfare of the Caprivians and destruction of flora and fauna of the Caprivi.
Caprivians should be careful again not to aid or abate the thief of our wealth otherwise you will be accursed of the some too.

7. It is time now to put plainly to the people of the Caprivi, the flora, and fauna in the wild in our rivers and the domesticated to join the struggle for the final leap into the home starch together for freedom and independence.

With some food for thought, we wish all the people of the Caprivi, at home, in exile and prisons in foreign lands and everyone concerned a prosperous New Year.

To those who deny our people the basic human freedoms and rights, and engaged in the massacre of people � we say to you there will soon be no place to hide.

Forward ever, Backward never!

Long Live the UDP!

Mishake Muyongo

President (UDP)
United Democratic Party


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