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December 24, 2008

December 24, 2008

It is that time of the year again, to say Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year, to all Caprivians and all our members regionally and internationally. We wish you and your loved families, God’s blessings as you celebrate this joyful festive season.

To all our members on the Caprivi freedom News Letter, we express our heart felt gratitude, joy and sense of accomplishment for your enduring support shown in the past years, especially 2008 as our membership increased outstandingly. We have no doubt our membership and support shall continue to grow, on both our Website –, Caprivi Strip, regionally and internationally, in the coming year 2009 and beyond.

To our “Heroes” in the Namibian prisons, and their families, we cannot express our appreciations more in words, than to wish you God’s blessings and protection- to endure a little longer as we together continue our noble course for “Total Freedom and Prosperity.” Out of ashes, we shall together built our Caprivi Nation, more prosperous, democratic, pluralistic society, and ever inclusive nation based on the spirit of the “Tenants of Democracy” geared for respect and promotion of natural alienable rights for all. Hold on, and let nothing derail you from your achievable dream for a better prosperous tomorrow.

It is our hope and prayer, that as you consider making new commitments for the New Year 2009, you will have at the center an incorporated pledge to continue and increase your efforts and devotion for the liberation of the Caprivi Strip from an oppressive Black- exploitative Yoke, of the Swapo led Namibian government.

As you celebrate, please do so in modest and love for one another, take care of yourselves. Remember that Caprivians remain perceived objects and exploitable commodities that Swapo led government still bent to exploit, as exhibited in the past ten years and far back as the 60s.

Remember, Caprivians’ natural Universal Freedoms continue to be denied, by the Namibian government, to a point where Caprivians freedom of expression, association, social development, political affiliations, peaceful political articulation, freedom to determine own destiny continue to be denied through police sanctioned intimidation and threat for political persecution.

Our people face continued denial to read newspapers containing information from their leaders, and outside media cannot operate to fulfill their professional obligations to monitor and disseminate information, with an objective to protect and defend human rights. We still have more to do in order to free ourselves, to do so we should realize our objective to take center stage, to fight tirelessly to free ourselves. ‘Say no, to oppression and yes to freedom and respect for all Caprivians.’

Our prayers goes to the suffering people of Zimbabwe, who continue to suffer as we do from the similar victimization at the hands of these “twin” brute regimes, who hate peace. As you travel and somehow interact, with our fellow Zimbabweans’ please express your love and support. Where possible, provide that voice so that their freedom from tyranny comes soon. “Injustice anywhere, is injustice everywhere” so please let us peacefully join the international community and those peace loving individuals and leaders who have already expressed their demands for the freedom of the Zimbabwean people, and an end to a brutal regime.

The fight and respect for human rights and self-determination is a Universal obligation. We cannot isolate ourselves, because politically and legally are connected regionally and internationally. Any change in the political landscape in Southern Africa impact us directly, both socially and otherwise.

In our quest for freedom, we should continuously educate ourselves to render ourselves ready and able to defend, compete, and as well as, to promote our plight until we attain our freedom and independence for a peaceful and prosperous Caprivi Nation.

As always, peace be with you all. Forward ever, backward never!!.

United Democratic Party (UDP)
A Voice for the Independence of Caprivi Strip


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