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July 14, 2008
The United Democratic Party (UDP) with sadness want to announce the passing away of former Governor of Caprivi Strip and Acting Organizing Secretary/vice Chairman of the United Democratic Party Mr. John Mabuku, who passed away on Sunday July 13, 2008 after a long illness while in Exile in Botswana.

The late Mabuku suffered from a long illness until his passing on Sunday 13, 2008, in Botswana while fighting for the liberation and independence of the Caprivi Strip from Namibia. He was a committed and dedicated countryman who served his people with honor and dignity during his time as public servant, as governor of the Caprivi Strip, as well as a leader of his beloved political party and people for which he gave his life wholeheartedly.

We mourn a friend, a brother, uncle, and son to all people of the Caprivi Strip, a prominent figure and humble hero committed to the welfare of others. From the time he and many other Caprivians fled the Caprivi Strip in 1998 crossing into Botswana, Mabuku like many other heroes who passed before him led by example and was diligent in serving his people.

To our fellow countrymen and women of the Caprivi Strip, those in exile, in Caprivi Strip and the prisons of Namibia (oppressive regime) we call upon you to join us in the mourning of this beloved son and a true hero, who lost his life serving a true course he believed so passionately. Let us remember all those who have passionately taken the high road and have as result paid a high prize that you and I should be free, those suffering today in the Namibian prisons, and those unsung heroes both living and those who vanished (died) in mysterious way from the hands of our oppressors.

We mourn a man who gave his all, his life that we should be free to determine both our political and economic freedoms once and for all. He gave his life for you, what have you to give to make his dreams and that of others a success for all CAPRIVIANS?

All funeral arrangements shall be provided to you from this outlet, when they are available. We ask you to think deeply what his death and many other beloved compatriots’ means to you and your families and communities. Look around you, what do you see? Is Caprivi worth your sacrifice?

Yes, we are determined to FREE our Motherland –CAPRIVI STRIP.


United Democratic Party (UDP)
Community in Exile
For the freedom of Caprivi Strip


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