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We are saying Good-Bye to MR FRANCIS SIZIMBO
January 1, 2008
We are saying Good-Bye to MR FRANCIS SIZIMBO

Countrymen and women, friends and foes, we have lost a man of vision, wisdom, and true ambassador of the people of the Caprivi. Mr. Sizimbo is and was a true leader who respected every one young and old.

He dedicated his life to the struggle to free the CAPRIVI from the then and present colonial regimes. He read and educated himself more on the subject of the Caprivi, and was able to articulate the CAPRIVI issue without scratching his head.

He represented the people of the Caprivi to those who wanted to know and understand the history, culture, and tradition and those who had questions he provided the answers without hesitation.

Countrymen and Women the struggle for freedom is long and full of obstacles and hardships, sickness, and even death. To die in the struggle for freedom is the ultimate sacrifice one can make for his/her Country.

We are in the freedom struggle train that is heading for Katima Mulilo. It is unfortunate that some of the best drivers are leaving it before its final destination that happens to be within eye's catch.

Brothers and Sisters of Mother Caprivi allow me to say to us all that Mr. Francis Sizimbo has left a very big hole that will be difficult to fill now and in the future.

Life in the struggle and exile has enriched our human understanding of the difference between a man and a boy and a woman and a girl. A Man and a woman say to themselves forward ever and backward never.

We find ourselves in exile today because we stood up for our freedom and we said to ourselves that it is better to die struggling than to be enslaved by the new colonial regime with a black face.

Let us promise and assure our colleague Mr. Sizimbo that we shall carry on the struggle without looking over our shoulders as if he were with us.

We have been made poorer by your departure Mr. Sizimbo. We say Good-Bye Mr. SIZIMBO a colleague, leader and follower.
We say once again FORWARD EVER, BACKWARD NEVER!!!!!




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