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The Trial and Sentence of Caprivians, in a foreign Country, a foreign Court, foreign Judge, and fore
August 21, 2007
The Trial and Sentence of Caprivians, in a foreign Country, a foreign Court, foreign Judge, and foreign Prosecutors:

The people of the Caprivi will not be blackmailed let alone to be intimidated by the likes of Manyarara, who comes from a country called Zimbabwe, ad the Prosecutors from the yesterday South Africa. What justice do these individuals know? The Zimbabwean knows the justice of killing, torture and beating and dictatorship.

Manyarara is a hired assassin who knows nothing about the Caprivi and its people. The people of the Caprivi have history, culture, tradition, and language, which make them unique and peace loving.

To refer to the freedom loving Caprivians as traitors, is to my mind self-confession on the part of Manyarara that he is totally misguided on this issue of the Caprivi freedom struggle. Manyarara is a traitor to the legal profession, and that Manyarara is a judge of fortune, who can convict without evidence, and is a legal cheat.

To the prosecutors, let me say the following to you both the days of apartheid, discrimination, and slavery for the black people shall only live in your minds.

It should be stated now and then that you the soldiers of fortune shall never stop the struggle for freedom and independence of the people of the Caprivi. The trial was a complete farce.

In 1999 a bill was passed by the so-called parliament of South West Africa (Namibia) concerning the Caprivi after the people of the Caprivi had used all means to liberate themselves from the new and current black colonial regime of Swapo.

I know that you are familiar with the bill referred to above. Why did you not refer yourselves to it before, during, and after the trial to refresh your minds about the Caprivi? You chose to play clever, by prosecuting Caprivians without witnesses, evidence and in their absence whilst you are holding them in prison.

We have seen these many times during our colonial history, where assassins like you agree to falsify evidence in order to convict, in this case the black Caprivians.

Let you and likes know that no amount of playing clever will stop the Caprivians from achieving freedom, and independence of their mother land the CAPRIVI.

Therefore he/she that shall be responsible for the outbreak of political diarrhea shall also be able to provide diapers.

Countrymen and women do not be blackmailed or intimidated. Our cause is just and that the actions of the colonial court point to the fact that the country in which our people are held is run by small minded people, who are frightened even by their own shadows.

Caprivi shall be free whether the frightened people like or not. This is time to close ranks and unite all our efforts, and go the final push into the home stretch.

Caprivi shall be free!!!

Long live the people of the CAPRIVI!!!

Long live UDP!!!



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