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Namibia: Young People Seek Amendment to Education Policy
March 24, 2007
Namibia: Young People Seek Amendment to Education Policy

New Era (Windhoek)

March 23, 2007
Posted to the web March 23, 2007

Reagan Malumo
Katima Mulilo

Young people at Katima Mulilo have disputed government's assertion that it was sufficiently fighting unemployment and poverty in the country.

Delivering a presidential message on the 17th Independence Anniversary at Katima Mulilo on Wednesday, Minister of Works, Transport and Communications, Joel Kaapanda, provided a chain of achievements the Namibian government has brought to her citizens, starting with education, rural electrification and the upgrading of infrastructure.

Even though everyone seemed to welcome the message, others did not agree with some of the comments made by the minister, especially the youth.

Though government says it is trying to alleviate poverty and unemployment, some youth here felt less was being done to navigate the remedial path of addressing the plight of grades 10 and 12 dropouts.

Speaking to journalists after the official celebration on Wednesday, a young man burst out: "We are not satisfied; look at me, I do not have a job, not even money to pay to this NAMCOL."

At a panel discussion held on NBC Silozi Service on Wednesday evening, a group of youth lambasted the government for failing to amend the policy that prohibits the youth from repeating their Grades 10 and 12. They said the State has continuously ignored their call to find an immediate solution to the problem, and that this in turn has prompted some youth to engage in immoral and criminal activities at the town of Katima Mulilo.

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Meanwhile, the town has in the past few months seen lots of debates instigated by the escalating number of criminal activities. Dozens of people, especially women, suffered brutality and loss of cell phones by criminals roaming the streets and narrow paths at the town, both during the day and at night.

Last week, a woman was allegedly forced to desert her clothes and made to walk naked by unidentified robbers after taking a taxi to her house in Mission Compound at Katima Mulilo.

This incident and others are causing fear among town dwellers. Against this background, some residents are calling on government to amend the education policy in order to allow learners to repeat failed classes. They also want to see development projects that would create jobs in their areas.


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