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Katima Could Be Very Attractive If It Were Well Maintained
January 14, 2007

Katima Could Be Very Attractive If It Were Well Maintained

Friday, 12th of January 2007

I again wish to register my complaint just to echoe what the concerned residents of Katima Mulilo town Ė and the caprivi region in particular Ė have on numerous occasions raised.

i was born and bred in the Caprivi Region about three and a half decades ago.

At the age of 24, I left the region to seek employment, meaning I am currently 12 years out of the region, aside from visiting during holidays.

During the December holidays, I spent three weeks in Katima Mulilo and was not happy with how issues are being run by the town council. Electricity is cut off without any cautioning from the relevant institution tasked with supplying electricity to the residents. This makes it impossible for people to prepare their food and utilize other resources where electricity is so vital.

The other serious issue I would like the regional governor to take up with his team is the construction and the rehabilitation of available public roads.

Those roads need prompt attention by the council and, if the council is unable to perform such tasks, I would propose that they contract other companies to do the job. The roads are in a very bad state. In most cases potholes are all over the road, making it impossible for road-users to drive on them and to resort instead to the rough verges mainly used by pedestrians. this is a threat and risk as it could cost somebodyís life in the future.

I strongly believe the Honourable deputy minister of works, transport and communication, mr mogotsi, himself witnessed this situation in December 2006 when he officially attended the funeral of the seven victims who died horrifically in a car accident some kilometres outside grootfontein.

The Katima Mulilo council was run by the democratic turnhalle alliance under the leadership of the then regional governor, felix mukasa, but it also failed. The current elite are controlled by the ruling party, under honourable sibalatani, which I would say is dying a natural death.

Dear comrades, I am very surprised and disappointed in you particularly for the reason that you are from the caprivi Region and are failing to develop your own natural beautiful scenery.

Canít you go out and see how other towns in Namibia are developing?

everything is in your power, but you are failing to fulfil the obligations you preached to the people about during the election campaign. Why canít you remedy the wrong-doing of the colonial masters? Why canít you seek knowledge and aid from expertise to help you? Other Namibian towns are inviting foreign local authorities or municipalities to assist them in developmental programmes of their towns. What about you?

I also assure you, the Namibian nation, that even the intended waterfront would be a mess should the town council not involve other parties to help.

Believe or not, the government is doing well in assisting the council financially and in other matters of concern, but still, the council is failing to help itself and the inhabitants. Comrades, you are being paid for not producing any services to the public who deserve such services. Remember that the public are your masters and employers, meaning you have a daily duty to render what is due to them.

Littering is my other concern. Bottles and papers are lying all over the town and in the streets, which is not only a health hazard but is downgrading the town itself. Government houses in the location previously for whites only, known as boma, are old and in need of renovations.

Please, I plead with you to make a difference from now on. Geographically, Katima Mulilo is situated in the better area especially because it is at the banks of the Zambezi River. It could therefore be a very attractive town if it was well built and maintained.

In conclusion, I would like to thank Honourable peter mwaala of the kabbe constituency for the development and good things he has brought to the people who voted him to power. Mr Mwaala, keep it up!

Iím sure that if you were the regional governor, the Caprivi Ė which the colonial regime left in 1990 Ė would be a different region.

George Matali


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