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New Year message 2007
January 1, 2007
New Year message 2007

To all Caprivians at home, abroad and exile.

1. The year 2006 will be remembered by all Caprivians young and old as the year like 1999, never to be forgotten.

a. Our fellow Caprivians in prison in Namibia experienced a number of inhuman deeds towards them, organized and executed by the so called Namibian regime.

(I) Human waste was found in their food;
(ii) The prison was turned into a court as well- the purposes of the Caprivi prisoners;
(III) A group of Caprivians in prison were so called tried or paraded before some judges, the head is from Zimbabwe and is a political activist in the name of Manyarara, and Namibia political activist so called lawyers was brought as a witness- He ventured to day dream – the issue of the Caprivi Zipfel is about freedom and independence of people of the Caprivi not about border dispute – we assume that we have and shall have no border dispute with all our neighbors – as in most cases our borders are natural and where nature runs short some become maps--.
In short currently the Caprivi has no border dispute – but the struggle for freedom and independence and human dignity.

2. Some Caprivians have turned themselves into ‘rent - a – witness “for the sake of money because of suffering and threats to their lives – lest we are misunderstood no suffering or threats should make a person of honor a mercenary of fortune apart his colleagues. In the Caprivi we know each other very well.

3. There is the land issue in the Caprivi, the so called Namibian regime is grabbing land from the people in the Caprivi and settling some foreigners on it whilst owners are left without. Our struggle is about our country the Caprivi, no piece of land should be left in foreign hands.

4. There was a report about the Caprivi as the poorest of the poor on this earth and that its population has shrank from about 200,000 to 80,000. Caprivians please take note of these figures-what has happened to the people? There are many Caprivians out there who have witnessed the systematic slaughter of our people. There is a lot of mass graves somewhere there in the Caprivi, stand up and for your country’s sake.
Someone have to answer to these deeds. We know the politics of extermination as pursued by the so called Namibian regime ever since their so – called independence in 1990.

5. We have some Caprivians who returned to the Caprivi from Botswana – many gone missing a few we know have been shot and killed by the Namibian regime’s brute force police and army. Recently in November 2006 the returnees to the Caprivi one was shot and killed, the other had his ribs broken whilst in police hands – tortured. We have information that 16 or even 24 are still in the police hands and being trained to be witnesses against our colleagues in prison “ couch and torture a witness” countrymen and women ours is a noble cause. We shall overcome, we have to be strong and determined there is no amount of threat forcing at this late hour of our struggle. You are in prison because of the Caprivi and “the want” to be free and independent. You are abroad and exile because of the Caprivi and “the want” to be free and independent from totalitarian regime of Namibia. We are Caprivians then, now and tomorrow. We pray to almighty to keep on giving us the strength and resolve until freedom and independence and human dignity are achieved.

6. Fellow countrymen and women once more the Namibian regime has struck with another deadly epidemic, by deliberately poisoning the water of the Zambezi River with Egoli virus. They have characterized this outbreak as caused by human waste, what an insult to the Caprivian people who have lived and maintained the same standard living for many centuries without any egoli virus outbreak. Their strategy, seem to work very well, as they also treated food of our colleagues in prison with human waste, as reported earlier. This regime is determined to exterminate and strategically reduce the population of the Caprivi drastically, to create more room for their foreign friends to occupy and eventually take over the Caprivi. This is a political maneuver to monopolize and manipulate to their advantage the population growth of the Caprivi, to out number you with their foreign tribesmen they continue to dilute the population of Caprivi with timely. We shall not late them go free unchallenged, we will do what ever is best in the interest of the Caprivians people to hasten their departure and to hold them accountable for their criminal acts.
7. Caprivians be yourselves, do not allow the divide and rule tactics to come to play in our society. We have and know only one Motherland the Caprivi Zipfel.

Last but not least on behalf of the struggling people of the Caprivi Zipfel – I wish everyone at home, abroad and exile a very happy New Year 2007, and look forward to the day we shall all be in the Caprivi Zipfel for New Year.

Forward ever! Backward never!!!

Mishake Muyongo
President – (UDP)


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