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This is the United Democratic Party- (UDP) site. Whose intention is to inform and educate the world namely; NGOs, govts, and individuals about the struggle of the Caprivian people for self-determination and independence of their Motherland- CAPRIVI STRIP.


Caprivi Strip currently falls under Namibia, but it is a territory that has demarcated borders. It lies about half way between the equator and the Southern tip of Africa and mid way between the Atlantic and Indian oceans. The Caprivi Zipfel commonly known as Caprivi Strip shares boarders with Angola in the North West/ Botswana in the South, Namibia in the West and Zambia in the north. Caprivi Zipfel (Strip) and its neighboring countries have natural boundaries such as the river Zambezi, Chobe, Linyanti and Okavango. Katima Mulilo is the Capital of the Caprivi Strip.

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CAPRIVIANS in the Namibian prisons, held for their Political opinion and ambitions to Self-determination of the Caprivi Strip, have made an appeal to the international peace loving countries and the United nations. To create a peaceful platform for the Caprivi Strip Self determination and independence from Namibia. The namibian government have since failed and ignored the plight of the Capriivian's political right, to table the issue and have it resolved peacefully.

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Caprivi Strip is not Namibia, it is occupied by force of arms by Namibia – No tobacco project in the May 29, 2017
Caprivi Strip is not Namibia, it is occupied by force of arms by Namibia – No tobacco project in the Caprivi

The recent trip to the Caprivi Strip by Utoni Nujoma, the Land reform minister of Namibia and the subsequent meeting with the Mafwe traditional leader George Simasiku Mamili is seriously disturbing and has to be challenged before it gets too late.

The Namibian news paper of the 17 May 2017 page no 3 titled” Mafwe Chief backs tobacco project” is a matter of serious concern that must ... Click for more


Caprivi Strip has international recognized boarders with Namibia

"903 Caprivians in Botswana are cleared to return to Namibia" Minister ITHANA says in her address to the Parliament recently.

1. We the Caprivians at home and abroad remain without choice, but openly defy and repugnantly oppose the developments in the Tripartite Commission with regard to the protection of 903 Caprivians in Botswana.

2. Desperately, Minister Ithana in her address to ... Click for more

Caprivi Strip – annexed by force February 16, 2017
Caprivi Strip – annexed by force

We have written many a time in these passed years about our struggle against the evil forces of Namibia. At all times we have been driving a message across that Caprivi Strip is not, was not and has never been part of what is called Namibia today. These are facts of history that any reasonable human being will be able to understand. It appears though that we are dealing with different human beings who only understand the language that they speak, they do not ... Click for more

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